Super Shine Power Perfumed Air Freshener (100gm) - Revive Your Surroundings

Super Shine Power Perfumed Air Freshener 100gm | Freshener for Toilet, Long Lasting Freshness, Washroom Air Fragrance Automatic, Car Air Fragrance, Multi-use Home, Single Patty [1 Piece}

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  • Super Shine Power Perfumed Air Fresheners are made to keep your restroom smelling fresh and clean. It eliminates any undesirable and unwanted odours coming from your toilet.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply unwrap and hang each unit in the bathroom.
  • Bathroom Freshener Tablets have a pleasant, ocean-fresh scent that is suitable for use at school, the office, or at home. Keep it in an airtight box when not in use.
  • Pack of 100gm

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Product Description

Air fresheners are ideal for cupboards, bathrooms, bookshelves in kitchen cabinets, etc. The way people use the restroom has evolved over time. Along with regular usage, the bathroom now acts as a me-time room. Bathrooms have now become a man cave or a she-shack for on-the-go browsing, secret chats, binge watching, magazine reading, gaming, tinder swiping, or even online shopping. With its powerful and instant fragrance blast, our air freshener enhances this personal time by converting your bathroom into a fantasy room. Our air freshener makes your bathroom smell wonderful for 30 days. available in various fragrances. Its instant fragrance blast keeps our bathroom fresh and fragrant.

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