Pril Dishwash Liquid with Active Power Molecules - Lime, 425 ml

Pril – Dishwash Liquid Active Power Molecules Lime (425ml) [Pack of 1]

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  • It easily cleans out the grease from your utensils.
  • It also removes any odour after cleaning which makes your utensils fresh.
  • It is completely gentle on skin.
  • It comes in a bottle of 425ml.
  • No of quantity 1.

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It’s Powerful Active 2x Molecules, Cut away Tough Grease Residue, Remove Food Smell, Leave Utensils Sparkling Clean. Pril Lime Liquid Dishwash is the strongest liquid identified for dissolving high grease- power with the speedy dry formula. It is kind to the skin, non messy and doesn’t leave any residue. It includes liquid line with an extensive array of fragrances. It cleans dishes further than the clearly clean dishes, which not just stares spotless but also stinks well along with anti bacterial properties which kill 99.99% germs.

Direction to use:

  • Take 1 teaspoon of product and mix it with bowl of water. Use the scrubber to clean the utensil.

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