Round Ceiling Broom – Pack of 2

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352 245 (incl. GST)
In Stock
  • Rotating lock to have variable length of the broom handle
  • Head is detachable for easy cleaning and storage and an adjustable handle that extends up to 143 cm and made up of tough and fine quality materials
  • Extendable pipe
  • Easy to reach an corner of room to clean webs
  • Light weight.
  • Color May vary due to stock availability.


Product Description

We give the possibility to combine the flexibility of tradition and more advanced modern products which last for years. We continuously aspire to beat our own standards ensuring you simply get the best always.

Broom head round duster sports bristles that stand to their full height, so you can effectively clean those hard-to-reach cobwebs. Sturdy but gentle, this spider web broom is perfect for tackling dirt in tricky areas.


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round ceiling broom - pack of 5
Round Ceiling Broom – Pack of 2 245 (incl. GST)
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