Sunny Strong Concentrated Premium Floor Surface Cleaner Green 500ml - Effective Cleaning for Every Room

Sunny Strong Concentrated Premium Floor Surface All Purpose Cleaner Green (500ml) | Room Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner | Toilet Cleaner [1 Piece]

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  • Two caps of the product make 6 litres (1 bucket) of mopping water without losing the effectiveness of fighting germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Perfumed floor cleaner Long-lasting fragrances and easy cleaning A pleasing fragrance that is associated with a clean feeling throughout the home
  • The advanced formula works effectively with both hard and soft water. Soap’s properties make it able to remove tough stains as stubborn as grease, leaving the surface spotless.
  • premium green colour and 5ooml

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One of the most trusted and popular brands in the floor cleaner category that doesn’t only provide cleanliness but an effective formulation removes tough stains and keeps the floor sparkling clean. The signature pine fragrance gives a sense of constant freshness. A product designed to match its money’s worth, Sunny Active Shine is here to make your cleaning easy and floors shiny. Why just clean your floors when you can have it smell good with variety of fragrances. This floor cleaner not only removes a bad odour but gives longlasting aroma that stays for hours. This perfumed floor cleaner is easy on marble as well as granite and doesn’t do any hard to any kind of flooring. Sunny Milki makes your floor smell good.

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