Savari Deodorizing Urinal Screen for Bathrooms, Restrooms, Office, Restaurants, Schools

Savari Deodarizing Urinal Screen Fits for Bathrooms, Restrooms, Office, Restaurants, Schools Pack of 2

81  (incl. GST)

  • Long-lasting fragrance: lasts up to 30 days. reduces labour by over 50%.
  • Mix the fragrances included in this pack so that you can experience different fragrances every month.
  • Protects the drain; the urinal’s unique dome design eliminates floating and movement.

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Product description

This urinal screen mat will keep your urinal and bathroom smelling fresh and nice. Each mat has a strong, pleasant fragrance and comes in assorted packs. The germ guard design significantly reduces germ spread throughout the facility while also eliminating any unpleasant odours. The mats also keep urinals clear of chewing gum, hair, cigarette butts, and other debris. The mats gradually release fragrance for increased freshness and 10 times the fragrance, keeping the urinal and restroom smelling fresh for more than 30 days.

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