Luxor 902 White Paint Marker - Permanent Marker Pen

Luxor 902 Paint Marker – White Parment Marker Pen

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  • Being a versatile marker by Luxor, 902 Paint Marker can mark on most surfaces like stone, ceramic, metal, fabric, plastic, glass, wood, leather, laminates etc.
  • This paint marker has a unique Bullet Acrylic Tip that proves itself to be perfect for highlighting, drawing fine lines and leaving important marks on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Luxor 902 Paint Marker is an ideal stationary necessity since it serves a wide range of domains from personal use to industrial purposes.
  • Its balanced and well crafted body makes it convenient to use and carry around easily.
  • Made with a fine ink delivery system in place offering you a skip-free writing and drawing experience.

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Features Metal marker,glass marker, stone marker, plastic marker. Water resistant on most surfaces, permanent Aluminum barrel and nib from Japan ,  paint in form of pen Ideal for industrial use- permanent marking on various surfaces, metal, glass, plastic, stone etc. Keep tightly capped, store horizontally Keep away from fire and children

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