Glass Washer Set 35cm - For Window, Mirror, Car Windows, and More | Effortless Cleaning for Clear Surfaces

Glass Washer Set-35cm for Window, Mirror, Car Windows, Mirrors, Premises Windows [1piece]

129  (incl. GST)

  • Type: Flat Mop Microfiber Set
  • Quality: Premium
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Suitable for: Cleaning, dusting, wiping
  • No of quantity 1
  • Country of Origin: India

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Our washer set is built of premium quality material and has a dimension of 35CM. It is suitable for windows, mirrors and glasses of cars and premises interiors. It comes with a strong grip so that you can hold the wiper without putting any additional effort. Product are safe and durable. We take utmost protection while manufacturing the products, to prevent contamination that would compromise your health. Every product is designed for optimum use and is built of quality materials that would not contaminate your surrounding nor will it affect the health of your loved ones. Please note, the plastic used is non-toxic and is safe around children as well. We promise to deliver the best to our capabilities to promote health and hygiene for all. “

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