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All Out Ultra Mosquito Repellant Refill Faster Action Twin – 45ml+45ml

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  • Contains: 2 units of All Out Ultra Mosquito Repellant Refill  Twin – 2x45ml
  • Keep your house or living area absolutely free from insects or pests, by using the strong and powerful Maxo
  • It has been enriched with active ingredients, this vaporizer provides a potent and convenient solution to counter mosquitoes
  • Use the fine-graded Maxo Max Power A-Grade that keeps you stay protected, and frees you from the mosquitoes or insects that irritate you
  • Mosquito Free
  • Insects Free

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  • It is an effective solution, which is available to you that can prevent mosquitoes from transmitting any harmful diseases. the highly advanced formulation of the product can help you get sound sleep. Carrying dangerous diseases, these mosquitoes need to be removed from your home. To ensure proper protection, this knockdown formula completely works.

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