Shop the Best Acrylic Double Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley - 36L in Red & Blue at

Acrylic Double Bucket Mop Wringer Trolley, 36 L, Red, Blue [1 Piece]

3,800  (incl. GST)

  • 2 bucket down press wringer trolley. 
  • Suitable for house, garden, hotel, restaurant and other public places cleaning.
  • Portable and flexible.
  • It’s easy for operation and use.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuverability

It is used for the most hygienic mopping and cleaning. wringer trolley has a bucket for clean and dirty water. Our mop bucket squeezes dirty and extra water from the wet mop, so the floor does not become slippery and it dries fast after mopping. Our  trolley mop bucket squeezes out all the dirt, bacteria, viruses, giving utmost sanitized hygienic cleaning. Our mop wringer trolley mop bucket is widely used in homes, hospitals, malls, restaurants, various institutions and industries for hygienic cleaning and mopping of floors, walls, stairs, toilets and kitchens.

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